Marinosolv® Technology

Solving the un(dis)solvable

The Marinosolv® formulation

Marinosolv® enables a strongly increased solubilization and thereby enhanced bioavailability of hydrophobic small molecules and peptides. Consequently, more efficient treatments of a multitude of diseases can be envisaged. Marinosolv® technology facilitates targeted drug delivery with a low systemic off-target activity. Existing drugs and off-patent active ingredients can be improved and re-patented as part of new formulations using Marinosolv®.


About Marinosolv®

  • Patent protected drug delivery platform
  • Clinically validated
  • Based on micelles composed of excipients from natural sources proven to be clinically safe
  • For small molecules and peptides in all stages of NCE/API development


Suitable for

  • Re-formulation and re-purposing of established APIs enabling patent life cycle extension 
  • Locally applied, locally acting drugs in sensitive tissues
  • Systemic administration routes


Mode of Action

Saponins (e.g. Escin, Glycyrrhizin) and Dexpanthenol form micelles in a buffered aqueous solvent. The micelles are self-forming in aqueous solutions and have a hydrophobic core and a hydrophilic outside. The different constituents of the Marinosolv® matrix are individually composed for an optimized formulation of each drug substance.

Faster onset of action can be achieved despite significant reduction of dosage.

Marinosolv® efficiently increases permeation of API into target tissue (Solubilized estradiol glow (red) permeates more effectively into target issue than it is the case with estradiol in suspension).

Benefits of Marinosolv® formulations

  • In currently marketed suspension products, an excess amount of compound has to be applied with only a small portion of dissolved active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), thus, a reduction of the total dose may be possible in Marinosolv® formulations.
  • Using suspensions, improper dosing may occur due to shaking of the product is essential prior to application, and might be forgotten by the patient.
  • Aseptic production by sterile filtration may be possible and preservatives may be omitted.
  • Combination with other active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) may be easier to achieve.
  • Potential for cost of goods (COGS) reduction based on cheaper production processes.
  • Patent protection may be achieved for Marinosolv® based formulations of compounds that are off-patent otherwise.
  • New applications for highly insoluble substances in eyes, lungs, other mucosal tissues, or elsewhere are feasible which may result in low systemic availability and high local activity.