The Marinosolv® Technology

Solve the un(dis)solvable

Marinosolv® enables a strongly increased solubilization and thereby enhanced bioavailability of hydrophobic small molecules and peptides. Consequently, more efficient treatments of a multitude of diseases can be envisaged. Marinosolv® technology facilitates targeted drug delivery with a low systemic off-target activity. Existing drugs and off-patent active ingredients can be improved and re-patented as part of new formulations using Marinosolv®.

Saponins (e.g. Escin, Glycyrrhizin), Dexpanthenol and selected solvents are used as solubility-enhancing agents in aqueous formulations. The different constituents of the Marinosolv® matrix are individually composed in buffered solutions for an optimized formulation of each drug substance.