Marinosolv® enabled compounds

Versatile platform allows solubilization of APIs

Marinosolv® enables solubilization of APIs from mainly BCS (biopharmaceutics classification system) classes II and IV. Marinomed vas validated the technology through its own product development projects, improving established APIs. Furthermore, several compounds have been solubilized successfully in different client projects.

BCS Classes:

I (high solubility, high permeability)
II (low solubility, high permeability)
III (high solubility, low permeability)
IV (low solubility, low permeability)
Local (topical used only)

Using Marinosolv® as formulation technology offers several new applications for highly insoluble substances in eyes, lungs, as well as several other sensitive target tissues, resulting in high local activity and low systemic side effects. Marinosolv® may be used for re-formulation and/or re-purposing of established API´s enabling life cycle extension of locally applied, locally acting drugs but also for systemic administration routes.