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From suspension to solution

Poor water solubility of drug candidates is one of the most common hurdles pharmaceutical development is confronted with. Promising new chemical entities and drug candidates often fail in development due to the limitations of their solubility in water.


Marinomed Biotech AG provides Solv4U technology partnerships to address solubility and bioavailability issues and to support formulation development of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in all stages of drug discovery based on its proprietary innovative Marinosolv® technology platform.

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Marinosolv® Technology

Marinosolv® enables a strongly increased solubilization and thereby enhanced bioavailability of hydrophobic small molecules and peptides. Consequently, more efficient treatments of a multitude of diseases can be envisaged. Marinosolv® technology facilitates targeted drug delivery with a low systemic off-target activity. Existing drugs and off-patent active ingredients can be improved and re-patented as part of new formulations using Marinosolv®.

Solv4U Technology Partnerships

Solv4U technology partnerships are the right choice to re-purpose established off-patent APIs or to enhance bioavailability of New Chemical Entities (NCEs) for exploratory preclinical studies.