Potential and Benefits of the Marinosolv® Solubilization Technology


Solubility enhancement

Marinosolv® enhances the solubility of hardly water-soluble APIs from different substance classes. Marinomed has validated the technology through its own product development projects improving established APIs. In addition, numerous compounds have been solubilised successfully in client projects. The proven Marinosolv®-technology is constantly being refined and adapted to offer the best possible solution for your formulation challenges.



  • Not limited to APIs for specific indications
    • Suitable for highly hydrophobic small molecules and peptides
    • APIs/NCEs in all stages of development
    • Suitable for early stage exploratory studies
    • Considering the physicochemical uniqueness of each compound
    • Gentle solubilization conditions
    • Solubilization studies can be carried out with small drug quantities

  • Innovative and safe technology
    • Based on plant derived saponin micelles, proven as clinically safe
    • Custom-made, designed in close cooperation with our clients 
    • Increased solubility directly correlates with increased bioavailability of API
    • Induces a faster onset of action
    • Enables the reduction of the administered dose
    • Contributes to sustainability by reducing the amount of administered drugs
    • Well tolerated, also in systemic administration routes
    • Systemic therapies: oral – intravenous
    • Efficient drug delivery with low systemic off-target activity
    • Locally applied, locally acting drugs
    • Liquid – solid (lyophilized/spray-dried) as required
    • Allows the development of preservative free products, as solutions can be sterilized by filtration

  • Patent protection
    • Supported by a strong patent family (novel use), providing protection until at least 2036
    • Re-Formulation of off-patent APIs: life cycle management
    • Considering requirements for later development stages and manufacturing